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Zas M21-Girls' Frontline(ドールズフロントライン-소녀전선) 2020year 48week Featured Video99306

Zas M21

   Zas M21  : Simple Zas Run in girls frontline
 " Zas M21  "

A distant relative of the Kalashnikov rifles developed by the Zastava Arms company in 2004. Since Zastava manufactured Kalash style assault rifles even before the splitting of Yugoslavia, Zastava M21 was designed as a 5.56 calibre rifle using the company's prior experience with manufacturing Kalash pattern rifles. The M21 is the current standard issue service rifle for the Serbian Army.

The Zastava M21 is a conventional layout, gas operated assault rifle with a rotating bolt locking system. Chambering 5.56x45mm NATO, M21 is fed by a 30-round magazine and is able to achieve a rate of fire of 680 rounds per minute, covering an effective firing range up to 600 metres. On top of the operating mechanism, M21 also has many similar design features of a Kalashnikov rifle, such as the charging handle on the right side, behind the well magazine catch/release.
  2020year 48week Popular character video Clicking on the character to move.

리바이and 카마도 네즈코 battle record - THE STATUS 유에and Earthspirit battle record - THE STATUS

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