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NAME : Violet Evergarden

From: Violet Evergarden
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" Violet Evergarden's Violet Evergarden Introduce"최근업데이트: 2020/03/30 21:08 (손님)

She is a former child soldier who happens to be an orphan; she was enlisted in the Leidenschaftlich army and fought in the war, where she was treated as nothing more than a weapon because of her extraordinary fighting capabilities. After the war, Violet became an Auto Memories Doll at the CH Postal Company, seeking to understand the meaning of the words "I love you," which was said to her by the person she holds dearest, Gilbert Bougainvillea, during the War"s final leg.

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Violet Evergarden   - (Violet Evergarden) 더스테이터스
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Violet Evergarden   - (Violet Evergarden) 더스테이터스
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Violet Evergarden   - (Violet Evergarden) 더스테이터스
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Violet Evergarden   - (Violet Evergarden) 더스테이터스
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