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Toshinori Yagi-My Hero Academia 2021year 7week Featured Video116300

Toshinori Yagi

   Toshinori Yagi  : Final Exam: Deku Smashes All Might | My Hero Academia
 " Toshinori Yagi  "

The eighth user of One For All, All Might is known as the most powerful and beloved Hero in the entire world, referred to by many as the Symbol of Peace. He was born without a Quirk before his predecessor Nana Shimura passed One for All to him, using it to assume a muscular form that the public knew him best for. Due to the crippling injury he sustained from fighting All For One in the past, limiting his transformation, he ultimately selects Izuku as his successor and eventually dedicated himself to complete the youth's training after using the last of his residual power to defeat All for One for the final time.
  2021year 9week Popular character video Clicking on the character to move.

펠릭스 아가일and Raccoon battle record - THE STATUS 헤스티아and 미뇽 battle record - THE STATUS

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