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캐릭터 전문 커뮤니티

Suzuka Gozen-Fate/Grand Order 2020year 46week Featured Video96422

Suzuka Gozen

   Suzuka Gozen  : 【FGO】6M HP Ushi Gozen(Minamoto no Yorimitsu) 1 shotted Scathach Style
 " Suzuka Gozen  "

The dancing princess who is considered to have set a stronghold on the Suzuka Mountains and performed an oni-extermination together with Sakanoue no Tamuramaro during the Heian Period.
A peerless beauty that was extolled as both a tennyo and an oni. However, to be frank, her real identity is that of the favorite daughter of the Demon Lord of the Fourth Heaven.
Suzuka Gozen descended from heaven with an order to turn Japan into a land of demons, but she did not approve the idea of personally working to cause chaos on a mere human country. At the end of many adventures, disappointments in love, she was brought down by the hands of her lover, Sakanoue no Tamuramaro.
Truly, a tennyo-princess of blighted love, but the cutting-edge style that she reached after pursuing and thoroughly investigating beauty was---

“Seriously, it had to be JK!
Miko are also good, but there’s nothing better than a high school girl in regards to love!”

---listen, young lady. Are you really fine with that?
  2020year 49week Popular character video Clicking on the character to move.

리코and ユキワラシ battle record - THE STATUS 리코and 레쿠쟈 battle record - THE STATUS

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