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Sion Todo-Pripara 2021년 21주차 추천영상137120

Sion Todo

   Sion Todo  : pripara Sion 絕对生命 final show女
 " Sion Todo  "

Sion is a student at Lala's school, in the same year with Mirei, but a different class. Calm, yet fiery, Sion is a world-renowned champion at Go, but has retired from playing due to nobody being able to beat her in the field. Sion decides to conquer the idol world instead and managed by Usagi, and makes it her mission to beat SoLaMi♡SMILE (Lala, Mirei, and Sophy). She often solves her problems by imagining them as a Go board, and holds a grudge against Mirei for giving her a disciplinary ticket when she was playing Go in the school hallway. Usagi teams Sion up with Dorothy and Reona to make up Dressing Pafé. Her theme color is green and her preferred brand is Baby Monster, a Cool type brand. Her first name is based from the seventh note of the Solfège scale 'Ti' (pronounced 'shi' in Japanese) and her last name means eastern shrine, which stands for the east compass direction.
  2021year 23week Popular character video Clicking on the character to move.

미사카 미코토and ジャック・ザ・リッパー battle record - THE STATUS 미사카 미코토and 시드라 battle record - THE STATUS

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