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Okita J Souji-Fate/Grand Order 2021year 2week Featured Video109467

Okita J Souji

   Okita J Souji  : 【FGO】Summer Okita J Souji (Assassin) NPC Demo vs Mysterious Heroine XX
 " Okita J Souji  "

Look at that swimsuit figure who soars through the summer sky.
The sparkling light of spiritual darkness at dawn, eh, is, right... Who?

Her name is "Okita J. Souji".
She is the mysterious Shinsengumi girl, who is proficient in the sword style of a details unknown Galaxy that is the Jet Tennen Rishin-ryu.
Flying through the sky with a jet pack mounted on her back, looks like the rampaging outlaw ronin is doing her hunting round in Vegas again today.
"Swimsuit Okita-sa... No, Okita J. Souji-san is in perfect form~! That's right, even my body is dynamic, isn't it? Eh, you have doubts about the jet? No way..."
  2021year 4week Popular character video Clicking on the character to move.

이리야스필 폰 아인츠베른이리야and 이리야스필 폰 아인츠베른이리야 battle record - THE STATUS 바제트 프라가 맥레미츠and 토키사키 쿠루미 battle record - THE STATUS

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