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Nariyuki Yuiga-We Never Learn 2021year 1week Featured Video107761

Nariyuki Yuiga

   Nariyuki Yuiga  : NARIYUKI\'S INSPIRATION We Never Learn Chapter 105 #MangaNerdigan Live Reaction
 " Nariyuki Yuiga  "

A third-year student and the main protagonist. In order to provide for his poor family, Nariyuki seeks to obtain his school's special VIP nomination, a scholarship which waives all future university tuition fees. He receives the nomination, but is given the arduous task of getting three fellow classmates into their universities of choice. His focus on studies was inspired by his late father, who died shortly after he entered junior high school. While intelligent, he is extremely oblivious to the romantic interest the other girls develop for him over the course of the series.
  2021year 4week Popular character video Clicking on the character to move.

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