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캐릭터 전문 커뮤니티

MP41-Girls' Frontline(ドールズフロントライン-소녀전선) 2020year 46week Featured Video97648


   MP41  : MP41 Voice Lines [Girls’ Frontline]
 " MP41  "

The MP-41 (M.P. 41) submachine gun was developed by Hugo Schmeisser, son of the Louis Schmeisser who developed the first practical machine gun, the MP-18.At the time of development of MP-41, that is, in 1941, the company C.G.Haenel, at which Schmeisser was chief designer, manufactured MP-40 submachine guns for German army. It is possible that Schmeisser decided to develop a submachine gun which was better suited for infantry use than the MP-40. For this reason, he combined the receiver, action and magazine of MP-40 with the wooden stock and selective-fire mechanism of MP-28. Haenel company produced more than few MP-41 submachine guns, which were mostly purchased by SS troops, which had their own supply chains. However, late in 1941 Erma company filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Haenel, and as a result, Haenel company was forced to close the production of MP-41. Only 26 700 guns of MP-41 pattern were made during the war, and most were issued to SS, SD and police troops.
  2020year 49week Popular character video Clicking on the character to move.

나나치and 본드로드 battle record - THE STATUS 리코and 실장석 battle record - THE STATUS

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