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Miyuki Shirogane-Kaguya-sama: Love Is War 2020year 42week Featured Video91695

Miyuki Shirogane

   Miyuki Shirogane  : Kaguya sama - Love is War | Cake War
 " Miyuki Shirogane  "

Miyuki is the student council president of Shuchiin Academy. He is famed for being the top student of the school who has also placed second overall in national mock exams, attributed to his studying all the time, hence his messy hair, dark circles around his eyes, and glaring look. Like Kaguya, he is inexperienced with romance and relationships. Miyuki struggles with physical sports involving skills and has a paralyzing fear of bugs, especially cockroaches. Because his father, formerly a factory owner, is unemployed and his mother -- who left the family when he was a child -- does not support them, he and his younger sister Kei often take part-time jobs. A running gag in the series is how he always imagines Kaguya looking down on him and saying "How cute.".
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