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캐릭터 전문 커뮤니티

Miyamoto Musashi-Fate/Grand Order 2021year 14week Featured Video126830

Miyamoto Musashi

   Miyamoto Musashi  : [FGO] Prison Tower • Miyamoto Musashi vs Edmond Dantes •
 " Miyamoto Musashi  "

A swordsman from the early Edo Period, famous as the strongest swordmaster in Japanese history.
Learned in the “Niten Ichi-ryu” (a school that was supposedly founded by Musashi), an expert of “dual wielding” that employs a long sword and a short sword.
....or so it should have been, but it seems that her circumstances are somehow different from the Musashi that left his name in history.

“Eh? The ‘Musashi’ in this world is a man? And also extremely famous? What a surprise!”

As you see, the person herself has a relaxed, open attitude that never gets worked up.
Having no particular interest in victory or prestige, yet sloven with alcohol, a sucker for money and weak against free food.
However, all those who confronted and were beaten by her in battle said this in the end:

---a vibrant Heavenly Flower. Her sword reaches the heights of nothingness.
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