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Mirei Minami-Pripara(プリパラ-프리파라) 2021year 21week Featured Video137283

Mirei Minami

   Mirei Minami  : PriPara - Pe~rfect with Pri - Mirei Minami - Full & Lyrics
 " Mirei Minami  "

A bubbly novice idol who makes friends with Lala after she enter PriPara world. Her catchphrase is "Pop, Step, Get You!" and tends to end her sentences with "~pri!".
Although she seems energetic and spirited, this is only her idol character. Her true identity is the serious Head Disciplinarian in Paprika Private Academy, who is two years above Lala and constantly issues penalty tickets to her whenever she breaks school rules. Mirei's theme color is light blue and her preferred brand is Candy Alamode, a Pop type brand that uses candies and desserts as the main motif. As the Head Disciplinarian she holds herself in a composed, serious manner - which she describes as a "complete 180" from her original self. Normally, she has plain brown hair tied up into a ponytail. However, after her PriPara change, she gains bright blonde hair that appears shorter and more curled. Her eye color also changes from brown to blue after undergoing the change, and she no longer wears glasses. She and Sion seem to be equally matched and light rivals. Her first name is based from the third note of the Solfège scale 'Mi' and her last name stands for the south compass direction.
  2021year 24week Popular character video Clicking on the character to move.

미사카 미코토and ジャック・ザ・リッパー battle record - THE STATUS 미사카 미코토and 시드라 battle record - THE STATUS

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