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Meltlilith-Fate/Grand Order 2020year 42week Featured Video91789


   Meltlilith  : Fate Extra CCC: Gilgamesh Vs Alter Ego(Melt Lilith)
 " Meltlilith  "

The Alter Ego of Pleasure.
One of the Alter Egos created from BB.
Poisonous nectar that melts any matter, iron legs that slice anything it touches.
And finally, the merciless, sadistic personality held by the Hyper Combat type Alter Ego.
Among the Alter Egos produced by BB, she holds a top class synthesis, and her drain capabilities exceed BB's.
That is why she has little respect towards BB, and in addition, there is contempt towards the other Egos.
As she is self-aware of her individual completion, her pride is exceedingly high.

"Even I am surprisingly sadistic. To be able to thoroughly kick an annoyance, honestly, I can't get enough of it"

Truly her body is like the queen of water, but her physical body in comparison to the other Egos, is a more flashy and brilliant form of a maiden.
  2020year 44week Popular character video Clicking on the character to move.

여기사and 사쿠라 히비키 battle record - THE STATUS 상하이 조and 볼드모트 battle record - THE STATUS

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