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Leonardo Da Vinci-Fate/Grand Order(FGO-페이트 그랜드 오더) 2021year 14week Featured Video126936

Leonardo Da Vinci

   Leonardo Da Vinci  : [FGO NA] Da Vinci Event Revival Lite: Doki Doki Alter Club - Ereshkigal Solo (Triple Kill)
 " Leonardo Da Vinci  "

A genius referred to as almighty. An individual from 15th~16th Century Europe.
A prominent genius who caused much impact on the advance of civilization and carved his name on human history.
he has been recorded as a peerless pretty boy, a peerless handsome young man, but this is the actual state of things.
Before a true genius, gender and age are rendered meaningless.
Doctrine and fashion may change with age, but there is only one truth. Whatever happens, Da Vinci-chan is the unrivaled almighty!
  2021year 16week Popular character video Clicking on the character to move.

M99and NZ75 battle record - THE STATUS 카마도 탄지로and 타케베 사오리 battle record - THE STATUS

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