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Kirara Amanogawa-Go! Princess PreCure 2021year 7week Featured Video117174

Kirara Amanogawa

   Kirara Amanogawa  : PreCure MMD - Kirara - TakiTaki
 " Kirara Amanogawa  "

Also a 13-year-old girl, Kirara is Haruka's freshman classmate at Noble Academy, and a famous junior model. She is always busy when it comes to her work and is always seen in the magazines and fashion shows around the public. She pushes forward on her dream of becoming a top model that shines like the stars. Despite becoming a Pretty Cure, she initially refuses to join the team because of her busy schedule. However, she eventually joins the team after she turned down the audition and understands she mustn't give up on her dream. In the epilogue, she traveled to France and became a famous model. Her Dress Up Keys are Twinkle, Luna, Shooting Star, Ginga (Galaxy) and Pumpkin.
As Cure Twinkle, she is known as the Princess of the Stars and introduces herself as "Princess of the Twinkling Stars! Cure Twinkle!". Her theme colors are yellow and purple.
  2021year 9week Popular character video Clicking on the character to move.

플래티넘and 로프 battle record - THE STATUS 박사and 牛若丸 battle record - THE STATUS

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