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Iona Hikawa-HappinessCharge PreCure! 2020year 47week Featured Video98975

Iona Hikawa

   Iona Hikawa  : Happiness Charge Precure - Cure Fortune Stardust Shoot with Music
 " Iona Hikawa  "

A cool purple-haired girl from Megumi's neighboring class and the head apprentice of her grandfather, the master of "Hikawa Karate Dojo". She is known for her good academic performance in her school and her determination. Her wish is to become stronger so she can defeat Phantom and rescue her sister. Her arch-rival is Phantom.
In the beginning of the story, she appears as a fierce Pretty Cure with a strong sense of duty and justice who works alongside her own fairy partner, Glasan. She is quite powerful and has excellent fighting abilities, though also shows a gentle side to citizens. Unlike the other Cures, who received their powers from Blue, Cure Fortune received her powers from her older sister, Maria as Cure Tender, who has been defeated by Phantom and trapped inside a mirror.
  2020year 49week Popular character video Clicking on the character to move.

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