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Haruka Haruno-Go! Princess PreCure 2021year 8week Featured Video117604

Haruka Haruno

   Haruka Haruno  : Go! Princess Precure - Kimimaro is on a Spy Mission
 " Haruka Haruno  "

Haruka is a sweet, energetic, cheerful and happy-go-lucky 13-year-old Mood swinger, who is a first year student at Noble Academy. She likes stories about princesses and dreams of becoming one, and often refers to things as being "in full bloom". When she was young, she was often bullied about her dream of becoming a princess until she met Kanata who gave her a Dress Up Key and encouraged her to follow her dream. Her Dress Up Keys are Flora, Rose, Lily, Sakura (Cherry Blossom), Pumpkin and Royal.
As Cure Flora, she is known as the Princess of Flowers and introduces herself as "Princess of the Flourishing Flowers! Cure Flora!". Her theme color is pink.
  2021year 8week Popular character video Clicking on the character to move.

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