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캐릭터 전문 커뮤니티

Gr G41-Girls' Frontline(ドールズフロントライン-소녀전선) 2020year 47week Featured Video98968

Gr G41

   Gr G41  : [Girl\'s Frontline] 19x11 Summer Pull ( G41 Live 2D Swimsuit Get )
 " Gr G41  "

The G41 is an assault rifle introduced in 1981, and produced in limited quantities by Heckler & Koch.

Designed to replace the HK33 in service as a more modern weapon platform compatible with contemporary NATO standards, it also featured a contemporary G3 derivative design typical for most Heckler & Koch firearms of the era.

The G41 was hoped to fulfill the Bundeswehr requirement for a 5.56mm assault rifle, but did not replace the G3 due to cost reasons.

Production of the G41 has been discontinued by Heckler & Koch, however production rights were acquired by Italian arms manufacturer Luigi Franchi.
  2020year 49week Popular character video Clicking on the character to move.

배트맨and 로보캅(1987) battle record - THE STATUS 렘and 타카라다 릿카 battle record - THE STATUS

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