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Gr G36-Girls' Frontline 2021year 1week Featured Video108507

Gr G36

   Gr G36  : GirlsFrontline+Va-11Hall-A // Turn 4-2: Gr G36
 " Gr G36  "

The G36 is a selective-fire assault rifle designed in the early 1990s as a replacement to the earlier G3 battle rifle, and German interest for a modern NATO-standard 5.56mm service rifle.

Replacement projects for the G3 had earlier led to the innovative G11 and the conventional G41 assault rifle, both were declined for various reasons. Design work then started on a modern 5.56mm assault rifle designated as "Project 50"/"HK50".

The G36 design has a conventional layout and modular component design, notable for its use of lightweight synthetic material with key points reinforced with steel to lower overall weight. It also has various modern features.

After design finalization and successful trials against the Steyr AUG, the final version was completed in 1995, and production began in 1996.

The G36 has also been adopted by many other nations.
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키부츠지무잔and Otome Arisugawa battle record - THE STATUS 히키가야 하치만and 라크네라 battle record - THE STATUS

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