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Fuwari Midorikaze-Pripara 2021year 2week Featured Video109904

Fuwari Midorikaze

   Fuwari Midorikaze  : Pripara Fuwari CR和Ajimi PR set抽包
 " Fuwari Midorikaze  "

Debuts in season 2. Fuwari is a PriPara princess candidate who has come to Paprika Private Academy from EuroPara by invitation from Hibiki. Like what her name states, Fuwari is gentle and kind. She has a great singing voice and as she sings, many animals will approach her. Her theme color is green and her preferred brand is CoCo Flower, which is a Natural-typed brand. While she first entered PriPara in Episode 50, she wasn't able to début as an idol due to her having no matching brand. However, after Cosmo makes her a brand of a new type, she was able to début in Episode 52. She decides in episode 55 that she will stop her training to become a princess candidate after playing with Lala and Dressing Pafé in the school playground. She also appears to have feelings for Hibiki but when Hibiki reveals she is female, Fuwari becomes confused and returns to the Palps. Eventually Fuwari comes to understand her feelings and returns to Parajuku to become friends with Hibiki. Hibiki initially rebuffs her offer but later comes to accept Fuwari as her friend. Her name contains the kanji for the color green. Her name also stands for the sense of touch. She goes to PriPari with Hibiki and Falulu at the end of season 2 but returns in season 3 to participate in the Divine Idol Grand Prix.
  2021year 3week Popular character video Clicking on the character to move.

토토로and 나나치 battle record - THE STATUS 레그and 본드로드 battle record - THE STATUS

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