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Europa-Fate/Grand Order 2020year 47week Featured Video98284


   Europa  : [Fate/Grand Order] Europa\'s Voice Lines REACTION
 " Europa  "

A Princess that appears in ancient Greek Mythology.
Known for her status as a consort that wed Zeus.
Born between the union of the Phoencian King Agenor and Telephassa the wife of Agenor. Though at times she has been said to be the daughter of Agenor’s son Phoinix, this does not change the undeniable fact that she was born as a Princess.
Europa carries with her three gifts that were presented to her by Zeus.
Those three gifts are, the Bronze Giant Talos, Laelaps the hunting dog, and a javelin true to its aim.
Following her death and deification, she came to be in the form of a girl riding on the back of a pure-white bull, Taurus of the Zodiac.
According to one tale, Europe’s name is said to have found its origin within her name.
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