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캐릭터 전문 커뮤니티

Ereshkigal-Fate/Grand Order 2021year 7week Featured Video116596


   Ereshkigal  : Ereshkigal Solo vs Saber Knights [FGO]
 " Ereshkigal  "

The Goddess of the Netherworld in Sumerian myth. She freely wields a spear-like cage; at times stabbing the enemy with, at times imprisoning souls, at times summoning lightning, she is the fearsome ruler of the netherworld.
Having carried out her duties of administrating the netherworld since birth, she is a goddess that disappeared along with the Age of Gods without ever knowing of the world above, or of freedom.
This form is not that of the Goddess Ereshkigal, but that of a Pseudo-Servant where she has possessed the soul of a human with a similar wavelength to hers.
Though she claims that her role is merely to supervise humans, like the netherworld goddess that she is... "'s a problem if so many people are coming to the netherworld... it's also a big issue creating cages to confine all these souls... I wonder if I can provide them a more comfortable place to be in..."
In this way, it's hard to fully conceal her caring heart. She is truly a red angel of the netherworld.
  2021year 9week Popular character video Clicking on the character to move.

세레비and 깜놀버슬 battle record - THE STATUS 만마드and 나목령 battle record - THE STATUS

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