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캐릭터 전문 커뮤니티

CZ2I28 Delta-Overlord(オーバーロード-오버로드) 2021year 1week Featured Video108789

CZ2I28 Delta

   CZ2I28 Delta  : Overlord, что будет в 4 сезоне #11, CZ 2128 Delta в помощь
 " CZ2I28 Delta  "

CZ2I28 Delta appears emotionless and has a silent nature. Her Karma is relatively high, which makes her, along with Yuri Alpha, one of the two "safe" Pleiades to humans. Though she usually ignores conversations from humans, sometimes there is a possibility to communicate with her.

CZ2I28 Delta hates cannibalism but likes cute things, such as Eclair Ecleir Eicler. At the same time, she also takes pleasure in hugging the struggling Eclair like a doll. She would often hug things she finds cute until someone of authority would tell her to let go. She would paste a One-Yen Sticker on the things that she likes.
  2021year 4week Popular character video Clicking on the character to move.

이리야스필 폰 아인츠베른이리야and 이리야스필 폰 아인츠베른이리야 battle record - THE STATUS 바제트 프라가 맥레미츠and 토키사키 쿠루미 battle record - THE STATUS

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