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Cosmo Hojo-Pripara 2021year 14week Featured Video126206

Cosmo Hojo

   Cosmo Hojo  : PriPara! Your 100% Life / Full + Lyrics / Hojo Cosmo Ver
 " Cosmo Hojo  "

Sophy's elder sister. Due to the fact that her parents are traveling overseas, she's Sophy's current custodian. She's a popular fashion designer and is in charge of most of the PriPara world's idol clothes and brands. She has encouraged Sophy to be an idol since her childhood. Her catch word is "Cosmic!!". She and Ajimi are also old friends and both attended a design course in Paris, where Cosmo trained to become the designer she is today. Despite not being a recurring idol in the show, she is playable in the arcade game and her preferred brand Prism Stone. She is also an original character inherited from previous Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live series' 3DS title "Kira Kira My☆Design".
  2021year 16week Popular character video Clicking on the character to move.

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