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Clementine-Overlord 2021year 18week Featured Video131995


   Clementine  : All Screams from Overlord
 " Clementine  "

Clementine was a sadistic psychopath, obsessed with inflicting pain and torture on others. While others may have become twisted and corrupt due to harsh experience or a terrible upbringing, Clementine laughs off such suppositions about her past and clearly states that she has always been monstrous of her own choosing without external factors influencing her. While raised in the Slane Theocracy, she doesn't seem to harbor a type of prejudice towards others but rather seems to view everyone around her as a tool to use or prey. Clementine enjoys fighting and killing while relishing the chance to fight strong opponents so she can kill them and take a souvenir like an adventurer's tag. Presumably, it was her blood lust and desire for violence that led her to join the Theocracy's combat forces and eventually rose up to the ranks of the scriptures as a member of the Black Scripture.
  2021year 19week Popular character video Clicking on the character to move.

버섯모and 크라파 battle record - THE STATUS 티니아and Albedo battle record - THE STATUS

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