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캐릭터 전문 커뮤니티

NAME : Chloe von Einzbern (Archer)

From: Fate/Grand Order
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" Fate/Grand Order's Chloe von Einzbern Introduce"

The half that separated from that manifested by acquiring the mold of a certain heroic spirit.
Unbefitting her childish appearance, she constantly manipulates the surrounding people with an alluring behavior.
The self-alleged "Illya’s elder sister", but because Illya herself also proclaims to be the elder sister, the quarrel between sisters that are like two peas in a pod are never ending.

Chloe von Einzbern Related Images
Chloe von Einzbern   - (Fate/Grand Order) 더스테이터스
2020-03-01 FrogMan Added        0  0
Chloe von Einzbern   - (Fate/Grand Order) 더스테이터스
2020-03-01 FrogMan Added        0  0

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 Chloe von Einzbern RECENT BATTLE

Chloe-von-Einzbern VS Hippopotamus BATTLE RESULT Fuuma-Kotarou VS Chloe von Einzbern BATTLE RESULT