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캐릭터 전문 커뮤니티

BB-Fate/Grand Order(FGO-페이트 그랜드 오더) 2021year 2week Featured Video109846


   BB  : 【Fate/Grand Order】BB VS Avenger Irisviel - The Black Grail【FGO】
 " BB  "

A special case that occurred in the Moon Cell Automaton.
Originally an Advanced AI tasked with managing the health of masters, she went berserk due to a bug.
As a cancer that invades the digital world, she seized control of the Far side of the Moon. A digital devil that interfered with SE.RA.PH's Holy Grail War.
She makes the Holy Grail War participants abide by rules, but she herself is a personification of rule breaking and illegal modifications.
While she could destroy the world on a whim, she is an underclassman type devil heroine who places all her effort in showing off to her senpai (master) as an energetic, precocious underclassman.

"Something like a well-mannered fight is boring isn't it?
I'd like to see more of everyone's suffering faces!"

From such a showy display, it's evident that her behavior and personality settings are twisted but, well, its the usual BB-chan.
  2021year 3week Popular character video Clicking on the character to move.

수레기and 쿠우카 battle record - THE STATUS 티니아and Tomura Shigaraki battle record - THE STATUS

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