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캐릭터 전문 커뮤니티

BB-Fate/Grand Order(FGO-페이트 그랜드 오더) 2020year 42week Featured Video90943


   BB  : Fate/Grand Order - B B (Moon Cancer - Summer) - Noble Phantasm
 " BB  "

So to make summer turn into something wonderful,
the Cyber Brain Devil appears before us once again.
To rescue Chaldea from various exceptional occasions,
she shipped a large amount of slot machines at one time
and then provided some troublesome Alter Egos at another time.
How very omnipotent, pretty, and kouhai-ish.
Her identity is of an ordinary, cute "sweet evil",
who changed into her swimsuit to enjoy summer to its fullest,
she is none other than your BB-chanー!

In order to fully enjoy Hawaii this time, she remodified herself into a High Servant to enter the extremely fierce Red Ocean.
From a pure swimsuit to a rather provocative one, she flaunts her power of a heroine by changing into a variety of clothes, yet...?
  2020year 44week Popular character video Clicking on the character to move.

여기사and 사쿠라 히비키 battle record - THE STATUS 상하이 조and 볼드모트 battle record - THE STATUS

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