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Ajimi Kiki-Pripara 2021year 14week Featured Video126736

Ajimi Kiki

   Ajimi Kiki  : Ajimi\'s version \'\'GoGo Pripalife\'
 " Ajimi Kiki  "

Debuts in season 2. Ajimi is the new art teacher to Paprika Private Academy. Possibly stemming from the stereotype that all artists are eccentric, she herself can be considered such as well. Highly energetic to the point of almost being erratic, she appears to go at about 150 mph non stop and comes off as immature. She is often seen painting graffiti all over Pripara and Paprika Private Academy. Because of her love of art, if she gets inspired she'll drop everything and revel in her discovery. Despite her energy and seeming lack of maturity, Ajimi is a friendly person. She is also Cosmo's old friend from when the two attended a design course in Paris when they were younger. Ajimi leaves Pripara to travel home in order to finds someone she used to know. In episode 82, Ajimi finds out that the person she is looking for is actually Hibki. Ajimi returns to Parajuku and tells the other idols that she knew Hibiki as a child, and tried to befriend Hibiki after she was abandoned by her friends. But Hibiki, driven crazy by Ajimi's behavior, ran away from her. She is a big fan of Leonardo da Vinci and often ends her sentence with "~da vinci!!". She also refers to herself by the name Ponkan which is a type of citrus fruit. She is a Pop idol and her preferred brand is Candy à La Mode More, a spin-off of Mirei's Candy à La Mode. Her name contains the kanji for the color yellow. Her name also stands for the sense of taste.
  2021year 15week Popular character video Clicking on the character to move.

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