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Abigail Williams-Fate/Grand Order(FGO-페이트 그랜드 오더) 2021year 7week Featured Video117311

Abigail Williams

   Abigail Williams  : FGO Abigail Williams [ Live / Animated / Wallpaper Engine ]
 " Abigail Williams  "

Late 17th century.
"Witch trial incidents" that occurred in the pioneer village of Salem.
One young girl, who first showed signs of demonic possession was Abigail Williams.
Other girls started to show abnormal symptoms of demonic possession as well and many of the villagers were accused for about a year for the cause.
As a result, 200 were arrested, of which 19 were hanged, 2 died in prison, and one was tortured to death.
There still remains many mysteries behind the tragedy, such as the girls' true intention and the factors that triggered the incident.
  2021year 10week Popular character video Clicking on the character to move.

아라라기 코요미and 아라라기 코요미  battle record - THE STATUS 가디안and Ditto battle record - THE STATUS

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